Si.Vi. International specializes in exporting and marketing Greek food products (organic and conventional crops) worldwide and importing cosmetic brands.

Si.Vi. International’s commitment is based on long-term business relationships, and the trust with our clients and suppliers is based on professionalism and business ethics. We are proud to provide the best quality Greek food products in bulk or packaged forms.

Si.Vi. International offers a wide range of Greek foods and beverages worldwide.

The company specializes in developing new products and adapting existing products to the requirements of the market, to ensure that the needs of its customers are always satisfied.

Si.Vi. International works closely with the most reliable transport carriers and banks to ensure high quality services. We provide all the necessary licenses and anything that is required for a successful commercial transaction.

FOUNDER   Vicky Lappa

Graduate Economist with 20 years of experience in Finance and Commerce, Exclusive Associate of Agricultural Cooperatives, Consultant of agro-farm production units and Export Sales Manager of fresh fruit and food trading companies and with 10 years of experience in imports of cosmetic products.

The family business of the late father Nicholaos Lappas, who was a nuts producer and owner of a nuts processing and trading plant in Microthives Magnesia, was the trigger for a series of actions that led to his long expertise and to the founding of Si.Vi. International P.C.

Our aim is to make Greek products world-renowned and to place them at the top of the world’s largest markets.